Many of us spend quite a bit on money on alcohol. This could be when we go out, perhaps to restaurants, pubs, bars or clubs or when we are at home or perhaps both. It can be quite staggering if we add up how much money we spend on alcohol and it can therefore often be worth thinking about ways that we can cut down how much we are paying out for it. There are different things that we can try.

Try Different Brands

It can be an interesting experiment to try different brands of alcohol to see whether you like cheaper ones. You may assume that the brands you use are the best and so it can be a good idea to do a blind taste test to see whether you prefer a different brand. You could find that you do not notice difference or that you prefer the cheaper one. It is good to consider the price once you have done the taste test so even if you like your usual brand more, think about whether you think it is worth the extra money that you are paying for it.

Try Different Types

It could also be worth thinking about changing to a different type of alcohol. There are big differences in prices between the different types of alcohol and so it can be a good idea to think about whether you are paying more than necessary for what you are drinking. It can be worth doing some research and trying to find out about what the prices are for different types of alcohol and compare them. You could look on a supermarket website to find out this information and it will enable you to see how much different items cost and whether you will be able to save a significant amount of money or not by switching. It might be that you will be able to perhaps swap in and out a few drinks, if you still like your normal drinks the most you could perhaps have a different drink on some occasions.

Drink Less

Another option could just be to reduce that amount that you drink. This means that you cut back, perhaps in how much you drink when you do have a drink or perhaps how often you drink. So, if you have a glass of wine each day with a meal, then perhaps have just half a glass or have a full glass every other day. You might want to slowly reduce it to make it easier to do. If you drink when you go out, then it might be the case that you will need to think about whether you drink less each time you go out or whether it will be better to go out less often. This will depend on whether you feel that you will be able to manage to buy less when you go out or if you think that you will find it too tempting to buy lots. You can experiment to see whether you will manage to buy less when you are out and if you cannot then you will need to consider just going out less.

Set a Budget

It can also be worth setting a budget so that you can keep a track on what you can afford to spend. If you set a limit and note down what you are spending, then this can help you to keep on track. Decide whether you want a weekly or monthly limit and consider how you will determine what the amount will be and how you will keep track of what you are spending.

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