Here at Swehs we have put together a team of people that are really concerned about the nations finance. They know that there are lots of people out there who are struggling with money. They might be worried about the fact that they are not earning enough, that they cannot afford everything they need, that they have debts, they do not have enough for retirement or just generally find money stressful. These are all very difficult things to cope with and the stress of this can lead to health problems as well a dissatisfaction with life. This is serious and we hope that we can help to make things easier for people. We want to provide information that will help people to get a better grasp of their finances, feel more in control and change the way they use money to their advantage which we hope will have a big impact on their whole lives as a result of them no longer finding money stressful. It can be much easier to make changes than many people believe and hopefully what we are doing will help lots of people to start making the improvements that will lead them to greater happiness.