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The best way to view and to obtain a description of artefacts owned by society is to enter a keyword or even a part of the word. Entering "cut" in the space above and clicking on the "Find Now" button will take you to a fully illustrated listing of all the cutouts at Cairns Road. "Coffee" and "Tea" produce Perculators and Tea maids Listings respectively.

If however a complete listing is required then click on The button "Now" and you will be taken through all artefacts 10 page by page with 10 items in each page. If you don't get through all in one go - remember the last Id Number - and enter it as the start number when you are ready to continue. The numbers have no logical relationship with the items - they should be regarded as randomly assigned purely to identify a particular record uniquely.

All the photos displayed and the descriptions and comments have been prepared by our curator David Cousins making this presentation possible.

A note about viewing the pictures: Clicking on the main thumbnail image for the Item takes you to a larer image of it If there are other images for the item you can go directly to them from this image by using the right hand arrow on the keyboard or by going to the RH side of the current image towards the top when the word "next" will appear for you to click on. This way you obtain all the images associated wth the item. To return to a previous image the left hand keyboard arrow or the left hand side of the current image can be used. The images have been tailored for use on HD and VGA monitors, zoom should not be employed. The images used have been obtained from high resolution originals stored in a local Access database.

Finally Long Descriptions with Comments can be read by clicking on the shortened part shown against the Item when an image of the full text will appear.